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You can use the sidebar for additional information. If you choose to change the information from page to pages, then you will need to make this an editable region.

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Roots and Branches Template

Description of Picture.The Roots and Branches Template is is based on one of the newest templates offered on our sister site - Expression Web Mobile Friendly Site Templates. This template uses some CSS3 for the rounded corners.    The rounded corners will display as intended in newer modern browsers. They will degrade gracefully in older browsers and default to rectangular corners. This template uses a fixed width layout and is mobile friendly.


 The background image for this site is  Autumn from Eos Development. It is available in a number of different colors. You will need to retain the credits link if you choose to use any of their images.

The tree images are from Icons etc. The bullet icons are one of the tree images resized much smaller.

Classes are also included to float your images right or left or center them on the page.

Changing the Column Background Colors

A background image is used to create the equal height column look. If you wish to change the color of the columns, you will need to create a new image.

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